Klaus Bohne

Prof. (em) of Soil Physics, University of Rostock

Subsurface Hydrology Toolbox

The computer programs and explanations included here are meant to support staff members or graduate students working in the field of land and water management, soil reclamation and environmental care. The basic idea was to develop tools, which are easy to use and capable of responding to appropriate questions under conditions of lowest possible time and effort.
Many problems considered here can be handled in greater detail by large computer packages. Examples are the models DRAINMOD for water management projects, SWAP for the simulation of water dynamics of cropped soils, HYDRUS for soil hydraulic processes, MODFLOW and FEFLOW for regional groundwater flow or RETC to estimate soil hydaulic parameters from measurements. To use these tools, extended data acquisition is necessary.
To obtain fast answers, constant boundary conditions may be used and geometry can be described in a simplified way. This offers the option of using analytical or simplified approximate solutions instead of solving partial differential equations. Such solutions are adequate tools to study the effect of basic processes and to get insight into their behavior. In spite of simplifications we gain significant information useful for further planning.
Some additional explanations are given and we hope that there is at least one person on Earth who gets supported by this website.


We tried to debug the computer codes as far as possible and performed test runs successfully. Nevertheless we disclaim all liability for direct, incidental or consequential damage resulting from the use of these programs.