Klaus Bohne

Subsurface hydrologic elementary environmental processes (Program "sheep")

Schematized processes of water flow, which are imagined to occur under constant boundary conditions in subsurface volumes of regular geometry have been named elementary soil hydrologic processes (Kutilek and Nielsen, 1994). Several of these processes are accessible to analytical solutions and don't need a numerical solution of the Richards equation. To treat such problems, the computer code described here makes use of analytical solutions or simple numerical procedures. All methods employed are based on the vanGenuchten-Mualem model of soil hydraulic properties (van Genuchten, 1980). Some of the procedures may be carried out using the bimodal model of soil porosity (Durner, 1994). Just to give examples of parameter values, standard values valid for soil texture classes are provided.

The program deals with problems as follows:
For details readers are referred to the description files.